Wednesday, September 16, 2015


TA DA!!!!!after 3 months of working on these tags for my co-workers I am FINALLY finished.
I made nurses tags in the past but I used the Cricut and the Paper dolls carts and with all that layering and lamination... they didn't last. There were too many layers to laminate it properly. So over the years I've tried to think of something better...Lettering Delights to the rescue!!! with LD and my silhouette and a printer I can PRINT & CUT now!!! WAAHOO!!!!! perfect lamination and if I must say... I LOVE these nurses tags BETTER!!!! more of a variety. As you'll see......
The tags are 4.5"w x 5.25"h
the nurses range from 3.87"w x 2.16"w  to  4.05"h x 3.14"w
the syringe is 3.04"w x .75"h ( found in the silhouette store)
heartbeat is pieced together to go across the card and is in the silhouette store.

Lettering Delights: Stringbean Moms
                            Stringbean Dads
                            Stringbean Sons
                            Millions of Mums

I printed the tags on Recollections 64lb white cardstock.(8.5 x 11 I turned the tags sideways, so I could get two printed- I just printed them and cut them out myself)
I used my Epson Artisan 1430 printer(each printer varies) setting:
 Text only- Paper -8.5 x 11- Presentation Paper Matte

Skin tones - R G B
white - 254-223-211
Hispanic - 225-184-153
Black - 139-69-19

mini minc machine set to 4- ran it thru twice.

In the past I took the tags to Office Depot to laminate.....cha ching....that got expensive.
Now, I have a mini Minc machine and laminated them myself! HUGE SAVINGS!!!!!
I was at JoAnns a few weeks ago and SCORE (sort of) I found Scotch Laminating 100 Pouches 5ml.
I had a coupon 40% off......NOPE!!!! NO COUPON can be used its considered a "door buster". What the "H" is a door buster?  Special products they sell.... the price was $39.99 plus tax thats still a great price per sheet.
I had 20 tags so I took 10 laminating sheets and cut them down to 5.25"w x 6"h. I can get two tags per sheet and I saved the excess for future projects.

How did I create these adorable nurses???? there was a lot of:  ungroup, weld, crop, group,delete, slice, erase and playing around with those dots(when you double click on an object they appear). So in other words your on your own...Good Luck!

the tags above are not laminated. I didn't think I'd be able to take a good picture because of the glare afterwards.
heres what it'll look like afterwards. sorry about the glare (I tried to block the light) I left about a  3/8" border around the tag. PERFECT!!!!


At work the nurses have these carts with computers on them and the carts have a ridge near the computer screen that the tags will sit in and the screen will keep them propped up.
I'll take them in tomorrow and hopefully get them all passed out by next week. These are just for the shift I work on, the other shift is going to want them and to keep harmony in the work place I will make them BUT after the holidays. These were time consuming and I have to get started on my holiday projects.

I created a link "nurses tags" on the right side of my blog so you can see all the nurses tags.

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