Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I know, it seems like I've been rearranging/organizing my craftroom forever...I have...LOL....but here's a sneak peek at what I've accomplished so far.
I call this the "cube wall". I don't have all the drawers organized or labeled yet...I'm working on it..
All my cardstock/paper is on the bottom and that is labeled and organized by color or theme.

on the cart is my Cricut Explore - I can pull it over to the computer when I'm ready to craft. I haven't used the Imagine (2nd shelf) much,  I decided to leave it on the cart and start using it for background papers, since the Explore can't do that.
I haven't been to a craft store in months, I'm TRYING to use what I have and I'm tired of my Imagine collecting dust along with some of my other crafting supplies.
SO! use it or loose it(get rid of it)
I don't want to "hold on" to stuff anymore!!!
Once I have all the drawers organized and labeled I post pics of the drawers.
So what do you think of my room so far????

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