Saturday, February 20, 2016


I DID IT!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!
I got the Cricut Explore the week of "Black Friday" at JoAnns and of course you get two free weeks to play with it. So I played and YES! its a KEEPER!!! then thats about it... I really wanted to finish up rearranging/organizing my craftroom. I've made some great progress in my craftroom....but the Explore keeps staring at me saying "COME EXPLORE...." but I couldn't because I didn't have my cartridges linked.
Well, I couldn't stand it anymore....3 days ago I downloaded the cricut sync and cricut craftroom because my cartridges are linked to my gypsy and I have to "uplink" them to the craftroom so I can play with them on the Explore. When I went to "uplink" them it ran for about 6 hours...aaagghh....forget it, I turned everything off. Then yesterday I tried again and a window popped up " set instance unavailable" I clicked ok and it continued running........after an hour I turned everything off again.   aaaggghhh....I'm obviously doing something wrong!!! I knew I couldn't do this MYSELF!(I always ask my son) but I was determined to do it myself!!! Today - I deleted the sync and craftroom and started all over. TA - DA!!!!! it all "uplinked within 5 mins!!!! shut everything down.. opened Design Space and YES-YES-YES !!!! ALL my cartridges are there I can EXPLORE!!!! and I did it ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!! ha ha ha......OK OK I'll organize a lot and Explore a little....ha ha ha ha.....I think thats the other way around...

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