Thursday, May 19, 2011


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I broke down and got an IMAGINE!!!!
WOWZA!! I had no where to put it(its HUGE!!!), so I went on line and got this cart.
It is PERFECT!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! free shipping too if you pick it up at the store.

I have my Imagine on top and my Expression on the 2nd shelf -there's plenty of room I don't need to move my expression when I open it.(there's a lip on the shelves and it does NOT interfere with the mats) and on the bottom I have my 12x24 mat and my cricut mats to the left and my imagine mat on the right. This cart is SUPER NICE and VERY STURDY and very easy to put together.

my imagine looks naked...I wonder if my DM will make a cover for it to match the other one.....LOL!!

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  1. Almost like my set up! I have a 3 shelf cart as well, Imagine at the top, E2 in the middle and E on the bottom. Works PERFECT!

    Congrats on your new imagine! You'll love it!!!