Thursday, May 26, 2011

NEW craftROOM!!!!!!!!!

Clic on pic to enlarge!
YIPPIE!!! After several weeks I'm DONE with my very own craftROOM!!!!
GEEZ!! it wasn't easy...LOL!! when you have a "spot" for crafting, thats it! you make the best of it but when you have a WHOLE room..... you can't decide where and how to put everything!!!! I lost count how many times I moved everything around and around and around...ROTFLOL!!! I'm HAPPY with this set up!!
The door to my new ROOM!!!! in time I'll cut out some vinyl letters "CRICAHOLICS' ROOM".

this is what you see when the door is opened

this is the wall to the right, thats my sewing cabinet. Yes, I sew too (clothes)! LOL...the cabinet has been in storage since my Mom moved in cause there was no room for it. I'm so EXCITED that I can start sewing again!!! the black filing cabinet is my personal files.

The "HEART" of the room....My crafting area!!! I LOVE these free standing shelving units from the "Container Store". You can easily move them around and adjust the shelves and NO HOLES in the wall!!!
Then my jetmax cubes are on a homemade dolly for easy moving.

the wall to the left is my cart from WM and it has my Imagine, Expression and mats below. I HOPE my Momma will quilt me a cover for the Imagine.....(I sew clothes, I don't quilt!). Everything is plugged in, I just pull the cart to me when I want to use it. LOVE IT!! The wall hangings are what my Mom quilted.

This is my jetmax cubes paper storage on a homemade dolly with my HK big shot. The shadow pic is me....when I was about 5-6 yrs old.....ROTFLOL!!!! AHHH!! I just noticed my wittle fur baby is peeking in.


  1. Oh Ruth, I LOVE your room. YOu have been working so hard on it. Congrats. I am so glad to have you as a friend! I love all your jetmax cubes and love the door. Enjoy your room!! YOU deserve it, Ruth!

  2. How did you make the dollies that the jetmax cubes sit on?

  3. THANKS! I LOVE my ROOM!!!!
    The directions for the dollies are under "organization" or I believe their at the bottom of the blog.