Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GORGEOUS beyond belief

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ROTFLOL!!!! I amaze myself sometimes..... I'm VERY creative..
As you know I designed an octagon box....How many of you thought this was pretty? NOT!!!!!

The lid was a little snug, so I enlarged it a tad and came up with this....the design is from the Ornamental Iron cart and I used Chomas Creations MICRO mini marker and SU glossy white cs. Isn't it PRETTY!!! I think I might add rhinestones to the sides of the lid and maybe the center.

BUT WAIT!!!!!!
Thats pretty.... lets take it further........
NOW this is what I'm talking about.....GORGEOUS beyond belief!!!!!!

I recut the box with SU glossy white cs and then went back with the Micro mini marker and drew my design.
Isn't it GORGEOUS??!!!! Oh, I had to make a new lid too.

I'm speechless!! I can't believe I created something so GORGEOUS!!!! I wonder how the glitter pens would look??? or maybe emboss it???? WOWZA!!!! OK, I'm done....


  1. WOW! That turned out AWESOME!!! I think I need some of that glossy cardstock lol!!

  2. those chomas pen sets are tempting me more and more everyday!! thanks for sharing!! You ARE talented!!

  3. You are so funny!!! You're box is absolutely beautiful though! I love it!!! And I love that you're patting yourself on the back FIRST!!! Way to go, girlfriend!

  4. I saw your post on the cricut board and had to see your blog. This is box is BEAUITFUL!! You did an amazing job on it. I'm now following your blog.