Monday, August 22, 2011

Picnic basket pattern - for gypsy no welding!!!!

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 I emailed Patti about her pattern and she says I can SHARE!!! THANK YOU PATTI!!
YES, you read it right... NO WELDING!!!! oh, I tried!! but I couldn't get the shapes to weld together I turned up the dimmer in my brain to FULL bright power and this is what I came up with....ROTFLOL!!!!
I used the George cart but you can use any cart with similar shapes.

Take this square and put it on your mat: real dial size ON(leave this ON ALWAYS!) and size it 5.50x5.50. Now turn the chain link below the height/width OFF- this will be your main square

take another square and put it on your mat and size it to .62 x .62 - this will be your spacer
then I took the capital I and put it on your mat and size it to 1.75h x .05w and turn it 90 degrees-this will be your cutting line

Now take your cutting line and move it inside the main square and GROUP the two together
take your spacer(not grouped) and move it to the top corner of the main square.** Align the top of the spacer with the main square corner and move your cutting line just below the spacer   - now move your spacer and place it just below the cutting line. Go back and make a copy of your cutting line and move the copied cutting line just below the spacer. Move your spacer and place it just below the cutting line, copy your cutting line again and place it just below the spacer. REPEAT ** for the other 3 corners.
When done you should have six cutting lines on each side and a gap in the middle.

OK, lets work on the middle- take your spacer and re-size it .50 x.50 copy it.(not grouped)** take the first spacer and place it just below the third cutting line from the top and place it on the outer edge of the main square and take the second spacer and place it above the third cutting line from the bottom and place it toward the edge. Copy one of your cutting lines twice. With your copied cutting line, rotate it so that one end is touching the outer edge of the spacer and is touching the outer edge of the main square and the other end is touching the third cutting line. **repeat for other side. When done delete your spacers.

the top half of your pattern should look like this- everything should be (grouped) blue.

the bottom half should look like this

the whole pattern-

for the lid: get a square and size it 3.25w x 3.50h this is your lid, get 4 more squares and size each one .50w x 1.50h these are your cut aways

place the 4 cut aways into each corner of the lid(aligning the edges) and GROUP THEM (4 cut aways and lid)

Handle: take a square and size it 7.50h x .62w

TA DA!! You now have a picnic basket pattern!!HOPEFULLY, I explained everything correctly so you understand. I'm not very good at explaining..... it will all fit on an 8.5 x 11 cardstock


To score and to put it together PLEASE refer to Patti's blog-



  1. this is a great tutorial!! I am going to give it a try!! not only do I end up with the cut file but I learn how to create it too:-)

  2. Thank you for the detailed instructions and for Patti's link :)
    You're a gem !!

  3. Great job on the tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to try this!

  4. Thank you bunches, I've loved this since I saw it but with almost no experience making things on my gypsy I couldn't get it right, I'm so glad you posted a tutorial so I can learn AND end up with the file :)