Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BAD GIRL!! BAD GIRL!! I'm in the dog house....ROTFLOL

I've been a BAD GIRL!!!! Oh My Crafts has a 25% off (code-SS25 ends tonite) PLUS free shipping in USA(ends 1-29-12) WHAT?? no more FREE shipping with orders over $75!!! I couldn't WAIT any longer.....
I may be in the dog house!! (cause I was suppose to wait till Easter or on my tax return) but I'm not STUPID!!! Who can pass on a BARGAIN!!! Yeah, OK I'll be in the dog house for awhile but I'll take the computer and the Silhoutte with me.........he he he......ROTFLOL!!!!! I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!! 


  1. HAHA! Good for you. I hope you enjoy it. I ordered mine last Friday. can't wait to get it and play. Espeically now with the announcement of layoffs at PC! Time to jump ship

  2. Hi, it seems like everyone is getting one those and selling their circuts! Miss ya!

  3. Not only are you BAD, you've made me a bad girl as well....shame on you!
    And YES it was a bargain...I was going to take the plunge in the next couple of months and was thinking AMAZON..no sales tax, no shipping...BUT this was all that plus 25% off....but seriously thanks for posting this or I wouldn't have know about it.

  4. I understand the wait is horrible. Have fun with your new toy!!