Wednesday, January 4, 2012


To make a long story short....(yeah right) my oldest son needs to move back home. He moved out last Spring and well, he's decided to go back to school and he can't afford rent and school. So I was willing to give him back his room and move back into a little corner in my Moms sewingroom. Remember I turned his room into my craftroom. He doesn't want his ol' room, he wants the "guestroom". The guestroom consists of a daybed and the computer/office center and of course a private bathroom. OK!!! I moved the computer center into my craftroom and tho it's a little tight.
 I LOVE MY NEW CRAFTROOM even more!!!!!! Everything is a lot closer and within reach.

clic on pics to enlarge

old room


                                           notice the empty spot to the left of the computer..
                      that's for the SILHOUETTE!!!LOL

SEE...LOL...I can reach everything literally......ROTFLOL!!!!

OK, I had to give up the sewing cabinet, it went back to storage and I gained an ironing board but its worth it! I LOVE my NEW area and especially when the Silhouette arrives in about 3 months!!!! WHOOPIE!!! 
EVERYTHING IS CLEAN/ORGANIZED after about a 2 week transformation I can FINALLY start crafting again!!!!!!  


  1. LOVE your craftspace! Couldn't you have put your sewing machine where the ironing board is?? You have so much space to create it. I'm envious! My space is verrrrrry small. Enjoy! TFS! :-)

  2. Looks great dear Ruth! I redid mine in July but then when we had a flood last month we had to move out and I am in the process of putting mine back together. I have too much so half of it is staying in my husband's office- poor guy. Yours looks so neat and clean and so does mine but I am not finished unpacking. Enjoy and I miss you!