Friday, May 4, 2012

Bye Bye Birdies...bird nest update

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OK, My birdie watchers....Sad times have come...the birdies are 17 days old....they'll be leaving the nest very soon. This is probably the last pics I'll be taking. Now that they have gotten bigger when they see me... its "Stranger Danger" time they sink way down in the nest. I don't like scaring them so I'm keeping my distance. They sit on the edge of the nest and really flap their wings and stare out into the wild blue yonder...I expect them to fly a way within the next couple of days.....It's really sad knowing it's time for them to leave. I've really enjoyed sitting out on the patio watching them.....Then again good riddance! they have really mad a mess on my shade and screen...LOL!!

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