Tuesday, May 15, 2012


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Oh, My GOSH!!! it is taking me FOREVER to organize my new craftroom.... I am determined to get super organized. I keep getting distracted tho..LOL...
I came across this.....

GEEZ.. thats a lot of floss.....OK! I am NOT cross stitching anymore and I've held on to this for a long... long...time . No more, its got to go. I know someone that would like to have this, she does embroidery. She would LOVE to have it............uuummmm.......BUT WAIT!
 LOOK what I did................................................... :>     

ROTFLOL...I TWINED IT!!!!! he he he...I made my own patriotic twine!!!! am I a crafter on a budget or what!!! HA HA HA!!!!
What? how did I do it you ask? Well, let me tell ya...one skein of floss is 8yds and has 6 strands. I halved (1/2) the strands, I slightly unwrapped the skein and grabbed 3 strands in one hand and I handed the other 3 strands to my son and we pulled the whole 8yds apart. I did this for all 3 colors. Then rewrap the 3 strands on a bobbin. Do this for all 3 colors, you should have 2 bobbins of each color. Am I making myself clear? do you understand what I'm saying? LOL
Then take your 3 bobbins(red,white,blue) and stack them as shown above and I used the ironing board and *tape down the end and holding the bobbins together just start flipping (twisting/turning) the bobbins until your happy with the look. I placed a towel under my twine but you don't have to, anyway I slightly sprayed it with starch (so it won't unravel) then ironed it then slightly rolled the twine back and forth so it would be round and not flat and started wrapping what I'd done on a bobbin*.....repeat * till floss is gone...

TA DA!!!  8yds of Patriotic twine.....of course its really 16 yards cuz you still have the other half to do..LOL...VERY PRETTY HUH???????

OK, do the math??? am I a budget crafter??? ROTFLOL!!!!!!
P.S. I'm KEEPING the floss.....HA HA HA  floss = twine
I watched a few YOU TUBE videos and I don't know why they were coloring the floss....it bleeds and didn't look right(I know I tried it...LOL)....just twist colors together...its A LOT EASIER!!!!


  1. This is really a neat idea! I have so many threads left over or not even started yet from old embroidery projects...Thanks for inspiring. Kathie (letsgetscrappytogether.blogspot.com)

  2. Looks great- very patriotic. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. I agree with you. This looks so much better than the ink or dye method. And without the mess! Floss is cheap too and the color combos are endless! Thanks for such a good idea.