Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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I finally have a "green thumb"!!! WAHOO!!! in paper that is..LOL but that is fine with me. These will last forever. Everything you see is made of paper:  flowers and pot. WOW! is my creativity going to BLOOM....ROTFLOL
the flowers ; yellow-gypsy wanderings cut @ 1.76, purlple-george and basic shapes cut @ 1.50 and the pink- designers calendar cut @ 1.75   leaves;  plantin schoolbook cut @ 2.25 and don juan cut @ 1.77
The flower pot was done on the Silhouette and I got the file from the store.

Heres my pots, I'm still working on the flowers for the other one.

heres views of the flowers in the pot

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  1. So pretty and really lovely. WOW the pot too! Thanks for showing us.