Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Backpacks.....

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Ok, I made 30 backpacks earlier for a gathering at was I made 10 more but this time I used the Best Friends Imagine cart for the designs and of course the backpacks are from Lifes a Party cut at 4.7". Why only 10 more you ask??? I work in a hospital and theres about 20 co-workers during my shift and the rest is for anyone that might wonder on to my unit...LOL

Did I say how much I LOVE CARDSTOCK WITH A DESIGN!!!  projects look so much better with a design than a solid color......Oh they are filled with lifesavers and I'll pass them out Monday- Labor Day. Ha Ha Ha...get it?......a backpack to help lighten their load of labor ....ROTFLOL!!! thats what I'll say too when I hand them out.....he he he  he....


  1. These are great! And what a wonderful idea to help people through working on a holiday. TFS.

  2. How sweet of you. They look great, and I too love my Imagine.

  3. Those are so cute!!! Keep em coming!