Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bubblegum Backpacks

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OH MY GOSH!!! This was so much fun!! I'm really starting to LOVE the Imagine!!
I made 30 of these backpacks from Life's a Party cart cut at 4.7" and with the Imagine and the Bubblegum cart I printed each backpack with a different design....OK theres only 20 designs I had to repeat some of the designs. LOL. I used embroidery floss for the straps and tie and they each have 4 lifesaver candies inside.  Aren't they GORGEOUS!!!!! Thats cardstock!! you can't buy cardstock with a design!!! I didn't want solid colored I finally got creative and used my Imagine. ROTFLOL!!! I hope you all weren't thinking of the Bubblegum that you chew.......ha ha ha I'm a paper crafter I'm talking about the Imagine cart Bubblegum!! Don't you just love those designs??? Their so Bright and colorful!! I love this cart!! I made the backpacks for a little gathering we're having at work...I hope I made enough....

this is the back and side


  1. Wow! These look like a lot of fun. Great job!

  2. Your backpacks are super cute! My Bubblegum cart arrived last Friday. You inspired me to make some of these for myself for future use. I love this Imagine cart. I don't have Life's a Party, so I was grateful that it was the free cartridge for the week.

    Thanks for enabling, um I mean sharing!