Thursday, January 3, 2013 we go AGAIN!!!

Blogger is not letting me post pictures.....
When I click to "insert image" the window opens up but the "browse" link doesn't appear, so I can't download my pics from my desk top. I'm at my wits end.... I don't know what to do.......Does ANYBODY have any suggestions???? PLEASE! HELP!!!
The last time something like this happened my pictures were too large and I used up all my space (a window popped up telling me) but I've downsized a majority of them so I should have space.. no window is popping up... I'm stumped....I don't know why the browse link isn't appearing.

I noticed blogger is aware of the problem. For now you can post pics in the "html" and then look at them in "compose"...a bit of a pain but it gets the job done. Hope they fix it soon.

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