Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Yes Sirrie!!!! I live in a LARGE city and none of the stores had one--hard to believe I know-  but my brother who lives an hour away in a small town has a Staples store (I don't have one) and I went up and visited awhile then went to Staples.  The clerk wasn't helpful at all......I took a bunch of different cardstock type/sizes to see how it would handle/print....but he didn't know anything......I purchased the Epson Artisan 1430 anyway.....LOL
I came home and to my surprise I was able to hook it up myself (I did not go wi fi)!!!! I'm DUMB! when it comes to technology....So I'm VERY PROUD OF MYSELF!!! As you all know I have a Silhouette and I've been wanting a wide format printer but couldn't justify the cost......I have a standard HP Photosmart 5510 all in one printer that HATES cardstock. Last week I was working on some 3d Valentines projects to take into work and the printer didn't print it correctly so it cut all wrong.....wasted a lot of cardstock and my time. That was the final straw!!! When I make things for work (I work in a hospital) I make about 50-60 projects and on a standard printer (8.5 x11) thats very time consuming.....So that justified the cost and saves me time!! for a new WIDE FORMAT printer...ROTFLOL!!! I'll admit if I didn't take things into work which I do every holiday I would have just gotten a better standard printer.
Anyway I came home and tested it out and WOWZA!!! The print is PERFECT!!!! I'm printing on Recollections 12 x 12 white cardstock theres no smearing it seemed to dry instantly and its PERFECT!! I set the print (quality) color to "standard" and left the settings at text.
I've read the dimensions and OK its big but I have a spot for it.....GEEZ!!! this thing is HUGE!!!!! LOL!!!
I knew when I saw it in the store I was going to have to do some more rearranging when I got home. I did and its fits nicely. Here's some photos of my new HUGE toy.... and a sneak peak at the Valentines I'm working on... FYI the printer is sitting on a free standing elfa shelving unit (Container Store) the shelf is 24"w x 20"d



21 wrappers on a 12 x 12

up close- colors/print are PERFECT!

cut nicely

another close up PERFECT!!

Stay tuned for further updates.....I've just begun to play with my HUGE toy....


  1. Congrats on your new printer.I have been also researching for the perfect printer to print my digital stamps.My ink from printer smears with my markers.

  2. Oh my! That's awesome. I'm planning to change my old, will still be looking for the best printer as well.