Thursday, January 31, 2013

You Got "LOVE" Mail....

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This is what my co-workers will get on Valentines. I've got 30 done...40 more to go...LOL.
The mailbox is from Lettering Delights the file comes with the trim and the word "mail" (and a bunch of other stuff),  the cupid and candy wrappers are from the Silhouette store. Actually the candy wrappers are different designs I found in the sil store and put together to make a candy wrapper. The wrapper fits around the mini Hershey's. I used a brad on the cupid (instead of a flag) so it can go up and down. I also put a little stopper (its called the handle in the file) just inside the top of mailbox so the front doesn't cave in and you pull the little tab to open it. It took me forever to figure out how to put this together...theres no directions or videos. So I did my own thing. Each mailbox holds two mini Hershey's.  The LD mailbox pattern is BIG but I kept shrinking it down and doing test cuts till I got the right size, I don't know what all the sizes of the pieces are but the bottom is 2.045w x 1.725h. Oh and I cut the cupid at 1.40w x 1.60h.  Hope that helps for anyone who wants to make them.

this is the candy and the wrappers-the wrappers are 1.38"w x 3" L

I originally printed a sample of the wrappers on cardstock with my new wide format printer but I didn't like how it wrapped (the cardstock was to stiff) using my wide format printer I printed them on HP "Presentation Paper" #32 lb matte finish.....then I cut them out by hand....The presentation paper stuck to my silhouette mat like glue.....I had a heck of a time getting it off.....I wasn't about to try that again...LOL  since their rectangle shapes I had no problem cutting them with scissors. As far as print quality... there was no difference between the presentation paper and the cardstock...PERFECT PRINTS!! 

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