Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY - Paper Buttons and more buttons...

OK! We've all seen it on youtube "paper buttons" yeah yeah OK someday......
Well, I put on my creative thinking cap and came up with a NEW IMPROVED PAPER BUTTON!!!
If you have a Silhouette or Cricut cutting machine with DS, CCR or Gypsy you can do this!!!! For me I bought the button(s) patterns in the silhouette store.....easier for me to figure out the sizes.
I'm gonna tell you the sizes so you can make your own.
I did 5 sizes - .75 (3/4") - .685 (11/16") - .625 (5/8") - .56 (9/16") - .50 (1/2")

clic on pics to enlarge

4 shapes in each of those sizes- circle, scallop circle (flower), star and square

I made my cuts on the 8x11 sil mat so I cut 10 buttons of each size on recollections cardstock. you can use a bigger mat(more buttons) 12x12 mat needs cleaning and I was too lazy..LOL

I don't mean to brag about the Silhouette....but LOOK at those tiny holes on this smallest square their .055  Look how perfect it cut it!!! thats big enough for a sewing needle and thread to go through. ROTFLOL!!

still not impressed - look at these tiny holes on the smallest circle those are .045.....LOL perfect cut again!

I cut all the shapes/sizes in 11 basic colors and stored them by color/size in a 2x3 bags in an 8.5x11 drawer

 What to do with them you say????
 here's a sample....

PRETTY COOL HUH!!!!!! you can also add glossy accents or stickles or liquid pearls or glitter.
Now, are ya excited???
FYI- when stacking your buttons the holes will NOT match up. Glue your layers down and repunch the holes from the top.

Heres the sizes of the shapes and (tiny holes) in inches

circles:  .50 (tiny holes .045) - .56 (tiny holes .050) -  .625 (tiny holes .055) -  .685 (tiny holes .060) -
 .75 (tiny holes .065) 

squares:  .50 (tiny holes .055) - .56 (tiny holes .065) - .625 (tiny holes .070) - .685 (tiny holes .080)
.75 (tiny holes .085)

stars (by height):  .50 (tiny holes .040) - .56 (tiny holes .045) - .625 (tiny holes .050) -
.685 (tiny holes .055) - .75 (tiny holes .060)

scallop circles:  .50 (tiny holes .085) - .56 (tiny holes .095) - .625 (tiny holes .105) -
.685 (tiny holes .115) - .75 (tiny holes .125)

if you can't get the tiny holes to cut, you can use a paper piercer on the smaller pieces and a 1/16 hole punch on the bigger ones.

All the above is PRETTY NICE but I still had to play around some more.....
these designs can be found on the silhouette or the sil store.

these buttons were made with the "fill patterns"----if you have the Cricut Imagine you could do this too

the bottom row is from "fill gradient"

these were made with "sketch designs"

That's all my creativity for now....GO! Make BUTTONS!!!!Have FUN!!!
Paper buttons are lighter and thinner than real buttons. Easier to go thru the mail.


  1. Very cool idea! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Very creative twist. You are right,endless possibilities. I like your idea of glossy accents. I also like how you layered multiple buttons to create a flower. Great job!

  3. Great job. Those are great. It would be easier and cheaper to send buttons this way through the mail.