Saturday, April 13, 2013


My poor plushie was always slouched over no matter where I put sad.....
I LOVE MY CRICUT so much they must have a place of honor.....ROTFLOL!!!
I made about a 2.50" box and added a 3"x10" scallop rectangle to the back (cut 2 recs for more stability) and added a banner at the top and a heart on the box (done on the silhouette). King Cricut has a twine safety belt.....LOL he doesn't sit well and kept falling off his throne. HA HA HA!!!! I still need to make a crown and a shirt.
The vinyl cricut I did a long time ago.

clic on pic to enlarge

They sit right in front of my crafting area and INSPIRE ME!!!!!!HA!HA! HA! honestly I'm not CRAZY!!


  1. Falling off his throne! LOL LOL

    Verrrrrry cute! Love it! TFS! :-)