Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ruffled Scarfs

I'm taking a little break from paper crafting..GASP!! I know but I'm having fun making these ruffled scarfs.
The first two I did on my knifty knitter(small pink oblong one) and they are GORGEOUS!!
I used the RED HEART BOUTIQUE SASHAY yarn - LOVE this yarn!!! the third one I used STARBELLA premier yarn...YUCK!!!! its too big of a weave and looked ugly so I took it off the knitter and did the "no crochet" and its still ugly. If you look closely the blue one doesn't ruffle very nicely yuck yuck yuck...I will not use that yarn anymore.(no crochet takes 1-2 days to make)
The first scarf is Sashay: SALSA (oranges,reds,purples)VERY PRETTY, the next one is Sashay: SHUFFLE (browns,beiges,white) GORGEOUS!!!
I'm making these as Christmas gifts...LOL..they don't take very long to make. I work on them a few hours a night and a scarf takes about 5 days....So my Christmas will be done EARLY this year...ROTFLOL!! I got the Sashay yarn at Wal-Mart.
Heres the tutorial- I did 6 pegs and every other hole on the yarn (ruffles look prettier). I followed her first tutorial (I did not pearl)

heres some written directions for the different knify knitter looms

if you want to do the yucky "no crochet" heres the link

clic on pic to enlarge

Yeah, I know...Mothers Day is coming up and I haven't started on anything----tomorrow...... I'm having a blast with these scarfs...I have to go to Wal-Mart and find some more colors....Bye

UPDATE - LOL- I forgot to tell you...on another video to make it easier to knit they started on the outside of the ball (not the center) which is much easier and opened up the yarn and wrapped it around a paper towel tube.....ROTFLOL!!! I didn't have an empty one so I wrapped it around the paper towel...LOL and yes, its much faster and easier to knit!!! it still gets twisted but its easier to untwist it.
Thats the Sashay BOOGIE (shades of purple..very pretty!!) This is my last skein...PANIC!!! need to get MORE!!

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  1. I love making these!!! Thanks for sharing.