Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter cards...PEEP PEEP

Aren't they DARLING!!!! I love how colorful they are, so Springy and Eastery..HA HA
I did about 2-3 of each design that will cover all my family/friends.
I found the bunnies in the silhouette store. The big bunnies are cut @ 2.03"w x 3.0"h and the little ones are 1.35"w x .91"h. I embossed the background and attached the bunnies and tag with glue dots. On the inside I used the font PC Thick  pt48 and glued the letters down...argh What was I thinking? HA HA. lesson learned.

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BUT WAIT!!! thats not all......to keep with the Easter theme
I made envelopes with bunny address labels. I cut the bunny @ 3.875w x 3.0"h and printed family/friend addresses.  (My Mom lives with me).
LOVE IT!!!!!

HA HA HA!!! even the mailman LOVED my bunny addresses....HA HA HA

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  1. Very very cute. I love all the colours you have chosen.