Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who needs a new cartridge when you have a GYPSY!!!

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I designed the old version of the cricut head on my gypsy and that file is available. When Provocraft redesigned the cricut I LOVE the NEW CRICUT!! but I just wanted the new cricut not the cartridge.
What do you do? You get your gypsy and find the original cut and size it to what you want, put it on page one and then on page two you start designing. Laying your shapes on top of the original and sizing it to fit. When your design is complete move the eye balls and mouth to a different part of the mat and weld the parts of the head together then weld your eyeballs...PREVIEW and CUT!! For this cricut I used George and Basic Shapes for all the shapes except the mouth and antennas I used Simply Charmed (mouths).
The BIG cricut...LOL was too BIG! and the next one is PERFECT.  SORRY! I'm not going to make this file available.

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