Thursday, April 7, 2011

Santa Hat

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HO HO HO!!! I made a Santa hat!!!! Using the KNIFTY KNITTER long looms. I used the purple long loom with the clips. White and Red yarn and white fun fur. With two strands(as one) of white yarn casted on 50 pegs and ewrapped 8 rows (your working in the round since your using the clips). I then cut one of the white strands and added two strands of the fun fur in it's place. So with one strand of white yarn and two strands of fun fur ewrap around another 8 rows. Then form your brim. After the brim is done leave a 6" tail and add two strands(as one) of red yarn and ewrap around 30 rows, now you'll start decreasing one from each end on odd rows. So you'll decrease then ewrap to the other end and decrease and ewrap back to the beginning. Then on even rows you'll ewrap around. You'll do this for 74 rows, you should have 6 stitches left. Leaving about a 10" tail cut your yarn and add your needle, finish off like you would a beenie. I'm AWFUL with directions...SORRY! I hope you understand. To fluff up the fun fur carefully glide your pick back and forth over the fun fur stitches several times, then go up and down over the stitches...repeat until desired fluffiness.
The pom pom- I cut a piece of cardboard 2" wide and 5" long and wrapped the fun fur around the 2" part 100 times...CAREFULLY slide it off and with a 18" piece of white yarn carefully slide it under the fun fur about the center and tie a double knot TIGHT!! DO NOT CUT THE LOOPS!! carefully spread out your loops and with your pick carefully rake along the loops not to snag them and fluff your pompom. The fluffiness will hide the loops.

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