Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm a crafter! not a carpenter!!! but I did it!!! Did what? I made a dolly for my jetmax cubes!!YIPPIE!!!! LOVE THEM!!! It measures 28.5w x 14.5 deep(I cut crooked!)LOL so the 2nd one is 29"w x 15"d (much better!!).
Supplies: 5-1x4x4(the cheapest), 12-2" heavy duty swivel wheels, 48-1/4"x2" bolts, 48-1/4"washers, 48-1/4" nuts, small can of white paint> those supplies cost about $70 and I made two dollies < you'll also need a  saw, 1/4" drill bit, drill, pencil, ruler and felt(i cut 1/2" squares for the top of the bolts so it wouldn't scratch up my cubes. NOW I can move my cubes around with EASE!!!!! LOL!!! Oh, BEFORE DRILLING-I "wood glued" all the wood pieces together FIRST(let dry) then drilled the holes for the wheels.
I also just painted the edges of the boards cuz your cubes will cover the top.

Heres the second one-I still need to paint it

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