Monday, April 11, 2011


SURELY! I didn't discover this myself!!!! LOL!!! I'd have a lot more time to create if I weren't so BUSY organizing my craft space....ROTFLOL!!!!
My cricut carts. were on a shelf...they were 2 rows deep and I was starting a third row....YUCK! when I knew this would NOT DO!!! I keep everything together and I like to look thru the handbooks and its a pain to get to the carts when they are 2 and 3 rows deep....I don't know what made me try this but I LOVE THIS!!! I went and got another 3dr jetmax cube just for my cricut carts!!!!! LOVE THIS ORGANIZATION!!! Now they are organized and alphabetized and theres room to GROW....LOL!!!
Each drawer will hold 12 (9 horizontal and 3 vertical) but you'd have to pull the drawer all the way out to get to the back ones. Nope don't like that, so I went and got another 3dr.(haven't put it together yet) Thats 6 drawers for just my carts!
I'm going to keep 8 carts to a drawer (6 horizontal and 2 verical), I'll put a syrofoam block behind the last horizontal cart to keep them up right. When I get the other cube put together and my carts ALL ALPHABETIZED/ORGANIZED I'll label the drawers too.

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