Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Which? What? Fonts

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Uuugh...Don't you get TIRED of asking yourself those questions all the time:
Which carts have fonts?
What kind of fonts are they?
You end up flipping thru all your handbooks... That gets old very fast, so you make a list for quick reference

Duh? you still have to look at the handbooks or flip thru the carts on the gypsy.....so time consuming, pretty soon you just start sticking to one font. After while you forget the other carts have fonts. So I put my creative brain in gear and with Chomas Creations MICRO mini marker and SU glossy white cardstock(8.5x11) here's what I came up with. LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!! Now I know what carts have fonts uppercase and or lowercase and what they look like!!!! With the micro mini marker and my gypsy I traced (size .75 or 3/4") every font/type each cart had.
 BRILLIANT IDEA HUH!!!!! I saved the file for future fonts...LOL
Chomas Creations micro mini markers are the coolest markers!!!!


Now instead of looking thru 14 carts for fonts I have 3-1/2 pages. I put my samples back-back in plastic sheet protectors and they're in a 3-pronged notebook. 

Heres why the Chomas Creations micro mini marker is the coolest. I didn't know the DonJuan cart had this font "stitch". OK, I knew about the font but with the cricut markers it didn't look stitched to me...LOL but with the micro mini marker YES!!! I LOVE this font!!! Look how cute... you have to use the MICRO mini marker, it has a super fine tip!! the mini marker isn't small enough and I couldn't get the gel pens to work. Isn't that cute...clic on the pic...look at all those little dots...

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