Saturday, July 16, 2011

Couldn't "CONTAIN" myself

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ROTFLOL!!! I LOVE containers!!! I'm addicted to them!!!
So several weeks ago...I thought to myself...What containers do I have???
I looked thru all my carts and cut each one out and this is what I have so far......

Tags, Bags, Boxes and More(17)

All Wrapped Up(10)-Imagine cart.

Imagine More Cards(4)-Imagine cart

Best Friends(1)-Imagine cart


Spring Holiday Cards(4)-I cut just the boxes

Plantin Schoolbook(4)

Yummy(1)-Imagine cart

Buccaneer(1)-Imagine cart

Lifes a Party(10)

I LOVE this COFFIN!! LOL I got the paper design from the Buccaneer cart-I'm using this for Halloween!!!

Wrap it Up(50)- I HATE these containers!!! you don't get the layers so your containers look incomplete!! YUCK!!!  someone on the cricut board suggested that you use the layers for the card then shrink it down to fit your container(you would need a gypsy or DS to do this). These are the main containers, out of the 50...these are the 3 I will use and try to do the above. Don't get me wrong, this cart is SUPER for cards!!! but for containers its not worth it!!!in the photo below you can see some of the containers from this cart..I didn't make them all...I was getting to upset how unfinished they were looking. 

Did you ADD it all up??? theres 103 containers...ROTFLOL!!!!

Out of all those I'm only going to be using 96 of them...the others were either repeats or I didn't care for it

Now I will put all these keepers in a bigger container and when I need a container...I can "see" what I have a choice of.....Pretty Smart HUH!!!!! Want to do this too.....heres a tip!!! After I cut each piece I wrote the: cart, page#, key# and size. That way when I decide what container I want to make I can see where I got it from....

HELP ME!!! I have enough containers RIGHT? NOT....I want Tie the Knot and Sweet Tooth.....aaaaarrrrrgghhh.......


  1. I think you should make 8 more containers. Then, you'll have 111. Can you tell I'm into "numbers". LOL

    Those are simply amazing!! You did an awesome job!!

  2. Great containers!!! I really want Bucaneer but I have sweet tooth boxes coming ... there really is never enough is there?

    Karen x

  3. Wow great job now I want the Lifes a Party cart :o)What was the average size you used?

  4. OMG!!! I know I love boxes but you must really LOVE boxes!!! LOL!!!

    And they all look fantastic!!!