Thursday, July 7, 2011

PART 2 - Chomas Creations-pens,markers and EMBOSSER

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OK!!  ready for part 2......(remember part 1 was done on cardstock, posted last week)
In case you missed it...
row 1- Cricut marker
row 2- Chomas Creations mini marker
row 3- Chomas Creations micro marker
row 4- Chomas Creations gel pen
row 5- mini highlighter(lol had to try it, it fits in the mini marker holder)

1st column 1" , 2nd column  1/2", 3rd column 1/4"

EVERYTHING was traced(cut) only ONCE.
the above is the same order for all pictures...

part 1-plain white cardstock

PART 2-Stampin Up GLOSSY white cardstock(WARNING-if you use the cricut markers DON"T DO ANYTHING for a few seconds till the ink has time to dry, it will smear-this was a do-over cause I didn't wait)
I changed the font (I had to try out my new cart "Cursive 101"  LOL)

VELLUM-it has a greenish tint( I have white cardstock behind it)

NOW!!! TA DA!!! DRUM ROLL........
the Chomas Creations EMBOSSER!!!!!! round of applause....clap clap clap....YAAAHOOO.....

I KNOW!!! Isn't that the COOLEST NEATEST EMBOSSER!!!! I only traced(cut) it once!!! I put blue cardstock behind it so you could see it, the EMBOSSING on the vellum that is.....ROTFLOL!!

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  1. Love love love your enthusiasm hehe!!! Looks like you are having fun!