Friday, September 9, 2011

MS ornament on gypsy!!

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I've seen some posts with the MS ornament and HEY! I wonder if you can do that on the gypsy????
YES, you can and NO WELDING!!!! Aren't they PRETTY!!!??? and the BEST part is since its on the gypsy you can adjust the size!!!! This tutorial is for the 6"
I Like the 1st one- its double sided 6" ds paper from SU and its a green background on one side and a cream color on the other. The 2nd one is green on green.

Here's how to make yours:
on layer 1 (gypsy screen) with the REAL DIAL SIZE ON ALWAYS!  I got my squares from the George cart, but you you can use any square. You'll need 4 squares. 1st SQ= 5", 2nd SQ= 4", 3rd SQ= 3" and 4th SQ= 2". Stack them on top of one another doing your best to center them. GROUP THEM!

Turn your design 45 degrees and line it up the the 6" cross bars

You need a rectangle,  I used the George cart. size it to .50w x 9.50h, center it down the middle of your design( DO NOT GROUP IT!)

OK, we are done with this layer....go to LAYER 2 the eye on layer 1 so you can see your design. the chain link that is below the width/height turn it OFF. We need to make our "cutting lines". Get a rectangle, I used George  size it to .10w x 4.65h  turn it 45 degrees(counting from the outside toward the center)  line it up on the first square line, copy and repeat for the other three sides. Make sure that your "cut line" just touches the the rectangle going down the middle for the top and bottom. BUT they overlap on the sides.

"cutting lines"(rectangle) sizes: repeat as above

2nd SQ- .10w x 3.65h
3rd SQ - .10w x 2.65h
4th SQ - .10w x 1.65h (center)

GROUP EVERYTHING!!! close the eye on layer 1 and your design should look like this. I know it looks weird but it works.

Turn your design back to 0 degrees (so it'll look like squares instead of a diamond) get another square and size it to 6" and center on your design and group it to your design. Move it to where you want to cut. As you can see you'll only be able to cut one at a time. CUT

UNLESS!!! PRE-CUT your paper to 6 x 6 then you would not need the 6" square and you could delete it  then center your design in the 6" space, copy it and do the same for the other 6" spaces and cut 4 at a time.

To put it together, lay your design so that it looks like a diamond. Leave the center diamond a lone, take the second diamond and bring the outer points forward  slightly over lapping and glue. FLIP your design over and take the next diamond points and glue......repeat till you have 2 in the front and 2 in the back.. In this example I started on the outside and Well, you work toward the center the loops get in the way. 

Punch a small hole in the top add some string....there's YOUR ORNAMENT!!!! EASY!!!!

Hope my instructions were easy to understand. ENJOY!!!


  1. Great job on the Gypsy and they look wonderful!!!

  2. You are amazing on the gypsy. I never have used mine! wish I could sell it! Very pretty and I recognize that paper.
    Good for you for being able to go back to work!!

  3. Cool tut! I am gonna have to try this out :)! Stop by my blog there is a special surprise for you!!

  4. thank u thank u thank u ..the directions were perfect ! I have never tried something like this !