Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GAME OVER-------> ANSWER IS.......

CLIC on pics to enlarge

THANK YOU ALL for playing....No one guessed the object though...so sad.....

REVIEW: ALL these objects = ?


YES, that's right a LANTERN!!!!! can you see the pieces ???

the base is the bottom of the coffee pot upside down and on the gypsy I hid the handle

the turn key is the T-square and the neck is the oval

the matches are the light. I had two of them because their slanted, so I hid the stick on one match and enlarged the flame then on the other match I hid the flame and put the stick upright and welded them together. its hard to see on my lantern, I glued it to far down.

Salt and Pepper shakers, I hid one of the shakers and flip them upside down and that's the "glass"(vellum) lantern.

I then took all the pieces except for the matches and copied each one and slightly enlarged the copies to form a shadow, I took the shadow pieces and welded them together to form my outline/shadow.

CUT and assembled my lantern. I used diamond stickles around the vellum to hide the glue. I used orange and yellow markers to color the flame.
OK, WHY did I do this???? I wanted a lantern because I saw this card (link below).


There are so many Biblical sayings I could use the lantern. When you search for a lantern with the carts I have there was Camp Out and Everyday Paperdolls. I didn't like those and on her card she used the Heritage cart..I don't have that one and I'm not purchasing any more carts, till I REALLY start using the carts I have. So THANK YOU LISA for your beautiful card and INSPIRING ME!!!
WELL? What do you think? Were you surprised by the answer?? ROTFLOL!!!!


  1. well you had me guessing all this time.love the lantern.tfs

  2. What a fun little game! Your lantern turned out awesome, very creative.