Friday, May 10, 2013

Graduation card

My niece is graduating from high school next week. I got the idea from the radio..LOL..I was on my way to work last week and was listening to K-Love (christian music) and the host stated he was invited to 10 grad parties and he was looking for ideas as gifts and someone called in and stated they give checks in the amount of the year they graduated ($20.13).....ROTFLOL!!! I loved this idea!!!!! I don't send checks cause my family takes forever to cash them or they don't cash I'm sending cash.....HA HA HA!!
I LOVE HOW THE CARD CAME OUT!!! I'm doing this for all future graduations.....warning- those are 2013 coins too which aren't easy to find. I had everyone looking for them..LOL
I cut the paperdoll from Everyday paperdolls @ 3.46"h the name is from Lyrical Letters the shoes are from paperdoll dress up.The inside is from Cursive 101. I made a pocket for the $20 and cut a strip for the coins and cut small strips of red tape and attached them to the strip and then before attaching the coins I pressed my finger on the strips of tape so it wouldn't be so tacky (so the coins could peel off) and then stuck the coins. The coins make the card a little bulky/heavy so I think I'll mail it in a photo envelope (for safe arrival).
Oh, I used the Cricut "decorative tile" to emboss. Scraplift away......LOL

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  1. Cute card and what a great idea to give money in the amount of the year they graduated as a gift. I like how you attached the money inside the card to! I'm going to feature this on today's Fantabulous Friday post!!

  2. Such a cute idea :) for a birthday card, one could use four pennies in the year the person was born. Thanks for sharing.......Grandma in Maui