Sunday, May 5, 2013

MINI ROSE BUSH - no watering required

DONE!!! I made this for my Mom for Mothers Day.  GEEZ!!! I didn't think it would take so long.....but I'm satisfied with the outcome....note to self.....make the roses a little bit bigger and use brighter red paper...
I don't know how many roses I made...I cut 40 petals..some are one layer(bud) 2 layer(bud) 3-4 layer roses, then I tried to give each rose 1-2 leaves.
I followed this video-link below- I cut the petals from the George and Basic Shapes cart, single leaf from Plantin Schoolbook 1" cut two(front/back) and the double leaf from Gypsy Wanderings 1.25" cut two and the starfish from A Childs Year cut 1" . I inked all the edges on everything then took my McGills embossing tools and embossed the petals till they were soft and I scored down the center of all the leaves.
The flower pot I got from the Silhouette store...I cut it apart so I could emboss it then made tabs to glue it back together..LOL
I used 22 gauge floral wire for the rose stems and 30 gauge for the leaves. To assemble I twisted 3-4 roses together then covered everything with floral tape.

mini roses video-

clic on pics to enlarge

Now, to figure out a card for her.....


  1. oh this is so pretty! may have to scraplift this if you don't mind. thank you for sharing!

    1. Scraplift away...May your flowers be prettier than mine. LOL

  2. Wow that is a labor of love. I am sure your Mom will love it.

  3. Absolutely stunning! She will love it. Your flower making skills have blossomed to new heights.