Sunday, May 26, 2013

I moved my craftroom.....HELP!!!

OK, Mothers Day weekend, I took the week off from work and moved my crafts to another room.
In my new room I have a peg board that's 48" (4ft) wide x 36" (3ft) high.    LOL! I don't know what to hang on it.....I need your ideas???????? I've seen some scrapbook rooms with peg boards and they have their sticker sheets etc. I don't have stickers, so I don't know what to hang??? I look at my craft stuff and I just don't know what to put up there......I tell myself to go to Home Depot or Lowes and see what they have for peg boards.....but then what would I get??? What would I get it for???
Do you have a peg board for your crafts? or if you could have one...what would you put up on it????
PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm really determined to get my new craftroom super organized this time....ROTFLOL!
I'm in the process of destashing....I've moved a lot of craft stuff and still haven't used that was the final straw... it HAS TO GO!!! no more ifs ands or's boxed and I'll be selling them...stay tune for that... in the mean time let me know what I can do with the peg board. THANKS!!!

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