Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers Day card

I know, I'm late! well, not late ...just in time. I'm in a crafting crisis!!! My gypsy is dying on so SAD!!! I can't craft without it.....
Anyway, I finally finished my Moms Mothers Day card. I love how it turned out....LOL its me about 50 years ago...ROTFLOL!!! I have to give credit to BELLA BUG from the cricut MB, she made this card and I sorta scrap lifted it!!!

 I just loved her card and I had the cricut car decals cart (which I forgot about) and as you know I made my Mom the mini rose bush and this little girl has a flower. So I took the same red from the mini roses and the same yellow from the flower pot and made a card to match. Clever I know!!
The sentiment on the front is also from the same cart: "love your mother" which I thought sounded a little harsh so I made 3 copies and on the 1st one I hid the r and mother. The 2nd copy I hid love your ther (leave the Mo) and on the 3rd copy I hid everything except the M. I formed the word MoM and grouped them then centered under Love You and grouped them all together. Since my gypsy is acting up the inside of the card disappeared and I didn't have time to recreate my sentiment so I turned to my silhouette and found the sentiment in the sil store.

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