Sunday, May 26, 2013

I moved my craftroom.....HELP!!!

OK, Mothers Day weekend, I took the week off from work and moved my crafts to another room.
In my new room I have a peg board that's 48" (4ft) wide x 36" (3ft) high.    LOL! I don't know what to hang on it.....I need your ideas???????? I've seen some scrapbook rooms with peg boards and they have their sticker sheets etc. I don't have stickers, so I don't know what to hang??? I look at my craft stuff and I just don't know what to put up there......I tell myself to go to Home Depot or Lowes and see what they have for peg boards.....but then what would I get??? What would I get it for???
Do you have a peg board for your crafts? or if you could have one...what would you put up on it????
PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm really determined to get my new craftroom super organized this time....ROTFLOL!
I'm in the process of destashing....I've moved a lot of craft stuff and still haven't used that was the final straw... it HAS TO GO!!! no more ifs ands or's boxed and I'll be selling them...stay tune for that... in the mean time let me know what I can do with the peg board. THANKS!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers Day card

I know, I'm late! well, not late ...just in time. I'm in a crafting crisis!!! My gypsy is dying on so SAD!!! I can't craft without it.....
Anyway, I finally finished my Moms Mothers Day card. I love how it turned out....LOL its me about 50 years ago...ROTFLOL!!! I have to give credit to BELLA BUG from the cricut MB, she made this card and I sorta scrap lifted it!!!

 I just loved her card and I had the cricut car decals cart (which I forgot about) and as you know I made my Mom the mini rose bush and this little girl has a flower. So I took the same red from the mini roses and the same yellow from the flower pot and made a card to match. Clever I know!!
The sentiment on the front is also from the same cart: "love your mother" which I thought sounded a little harsh so I made 3 copies and on the 1st one I hid the r and mother. The 2nd copy I hid love your ther (leave the Mo) and on the 3rd copy I hid everything except the M. I formed the word MoM and grouped them then centered under Love You and grouped them all together. Since my gypsy is acting up the inside of the card disappeared and I didn't have time to recreate my sentiment so I turned to my silhouette and found the sentiment in the sil store.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Graduation card

My niece is graduating from high school next week. I got the idea from the radio..LOL..I was on my way to work last week and was listening to K-Love (christian music) and the host stated he was invited to 10 grad parties and he was looking for ideas as gifts and someone called in and stated they give checks in the amount of the year they graduated ($20.13).....ROTFLOL!!! I loved this idea!!!!! I don't send checks cause my family takes forever to cash them or they don't cash I'm sending cash.....HA HA HA!!
I LOVE HOW THE CARD CAME OUT!!! I'm doing this for all future graduations.....warning- those are 2013 coins too which aren't easy to find. I had everyone looking for them..LOL
I cut the paperdoll from Everyday paperdolls @ 3.46"h the name is from Lyrical Letters the shoes are from paperdoll dress up.The inside is from Cursive 101. I made a pocket for the $20 and cut a strip for the coins and cut small strips of red tape and attached them to the strip and then before attaching the coins I pressed my finger on the strips of tape so it wouldn't be so tacky (so the coins could peel off) and then stuck the coins. The coins make the card a little bulky/heavy so I think I'll mail it in a photo envelope (for safe arrival).
Oh, I used the Cricut "decorative tile" to emboss. Scraplift away......LOL

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

MINI ROSE BUSH - no watering required

DONE!!! I made this for my Mom for Mothers Day.  GEEZ!!! I didn't think it would take so long.....but I'm satisfied with the outcome....note to self.....make the roses a little bit bigger and use brighter red paper...
I don't know how many roses I made...I cut 40 petals..some are one layer(bud) 2 layer(bud) 3-4 layer roses, then I tried to give each rose 1-2 leaves.
I followed this video-link below- I cut the petals from the George and Basic Shapes cart, single leaf from Plantin Schoolbook 1" cut two(front/back) and the double leaf from Gypsy Wanderings 1.25" cut two and the starfish from A Childs Year cut 1" . I inked all the edges on everything then took my McGills embossing tools and embossed the petals till they were soft and I scored down the center of all the leaves.
The flower pot I got from the Silhouette store...I cut it apart so I could emboss it then made tabs to glue it back together..LOL
I used 22 gauge floral wire for the rose stems and 30 gauge for the leaves. To assemble I twisted 3-4 roses together then covered everything with floral tape.

mini roses video-

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Now, to figure out a card for her.....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New "mini" family member

WOWZA! I just ordered it Sunday and it arrived early this morning.
Isn't she ADORABLE!!!!
She came so fast I don't even have a spot for her yet.....LOL
I'll keep you all posted on her development....and mine as I try and learn how to use CCR...LOL!

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