Tuesday, October 23, 2012

50 bottles of BOOS ....

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ROTFLOL!!...........50 bottles of booze on the wall 50 bottles of booze, you take one down and pass it around, 49 bottles of booze on the wall.......HA HA HA!!! remember that song?? OK don't answer that...LOL
GEEZ!!! This was very time consuming...but I LOVE the outcome!! and my co-workers will really love it!! This is what I'm taking into work next week. I got the idea off of pinterest..well sort of.. they used a glass bottle and put lights in it..LOL!! I'm sure you all of seen it. Anyway they had these bottles in the silhouette store (which are on SALE) and I got to work.....for the last 2 weeks! aarrgh...but they are OFFICIALLY DONE!!!! whew.....!!!
Everything was found and cut with the silhouette...I cut the bottle at 3.41"w x 4.83"h ( I cut the lid slightly larger cuz it was a little to snug) and the ghosts are from the Halloween charms - I just cut the loop off.  The ghost charm was cut at 1.50"h x .99"w and the lil ghosts cut at 1.07"h x .83"w ( I used a black marker to dot the eyes) and the label is cut at 1.36"h x 1.61"w and I used Storybook font. Then wrapped some twine and its DONE!!! I know they're kind of big I made a small one but it was really hard making sure it was really all glued together cuz I'm going to put some M & M's in them and I didn't want it coming apart.LOL

and here's the other 49 bottles of boos....ROTFLOL!!!

OK I've got to get to work on my Halloween cards...Where has the time gone?? Oh yeah!! I was busy with the boos........HA HA HA!!

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