Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Organizing AGAIN!!!

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I wish I could craft MORE...but I LOVE organizing MORE!!! ROTFLOL!!
I've seen a lot of  "Clip it up's"  in use and saw this video and I was sold!!!

I went to my Wal-Mart and got this

I went to the garden dept to get the plastic dish and NOTHING!!! argh....
think think...think...OH! This will work

then went to Michaels and got 4 pkgs of these

Went home and started my plan in action. The pie tins are PERFECT size. I cut a 1-3/8" hole in the center and covered the sharp edges with painters tape

FOLLOWED the DIRECTIONS to assemble the shoe tree (super easy). I LOVE that every layer

Found a perfect spot in my craftroom for it

Added my ribbon- theres about 20 bobbins per layer and its about 1/2 full

close up view- I took a pair of needle nose pliers and gripped the bottom of the "s" hook near the clip and then took regular pliers and grabbed the top of the "s" hook and twisted it. Now ALL my clips hang sideways instead of facing forward.

In the first pie tin tray I put all my flock

2nd tray is my stickles/glitter glue

and the top 3rd tray has the shoe tree handle(I didn't like it on there) and the lil wrench thingy that came with it to.
My cubes are stacked 3 high and I'm tall so I can see in the 2nd tray. I LOVE this organization.......
OH GOOD GRIEF!!!!! where's my wired ribbon???aarrgh...its still in the drawer...OK! uhm....the flock and stickles will go back to the drawer and my wired ribbon and ribbon scissors will go in the trays. Problem solved...Heres another dilemma... I'm having a very hard time deciding??? Do I add my Twine or not?? as you can see the "clip it up" isn't full I have plenty of room.....I would wind the twine on the same type bobbin as the ribbon.....WHAT SHALL I DO??? and what do I do with the twine with 2 colors ex. blue/ I put it with the blue ribbon or the yellow or clip it up on top...???

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  1. I love this organization! I probably would put my twine on that and I would put my two colored separate from the single colors, but that would be my preference. Great idea!!