Monday, October 1, 2012

Ribbon storage/organization

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I'm TRYING to get into embellishments....
I had some ribbon, not much....but after organizing....LOL I went and got some MORE!
Now I better start using it.....ROTFLOL!!!!
recognize this....

at my work we get a lot of  paper forms and this "cardboard" is on the back....I used to throw it away...GASP!! shame shame I know....but I SAVE them now!!! and the other day I was thinking....hmmmm...what can I do with this??? OH I KNOW!!!!!

its a cardboard "spool". Using my cutter I cut 3" squares then I cut 1/2" in and down, you can't see it but theres a 1" slit down the middle.
I then gathered all my ribbon old and new..and wound them on my new spools....slide one end in the slit and secured the loose end with a bobby pin (the bobby pins were a little tight so I slightly pried them open so it wouldn't "dent"  my ribbon). 

When all is wound and DONE!!!

PRETTY HUH???? notice the new "ribbon only" scissors they stay in the drawer so I won't be tempted to use them on other things...LOL.....Yep, I'm still in the process of getting MORE colors...
The drawer is the 3 dr jetmax cube and I added the jetmax dividers....the ribbon spools in the far back are wired and I didn't want to bend it so I left them as is. Theres 16 sections.......My dream is to have one color per section....ROTFLOL!!!
Now that thats done....time to move on to brads....Don't laugh but I don't have any.....Can't wait to see whats available....and how to store/organize them....ROTFLOL!!!!

this WAS the old way....I used to store my ribbon....YUCK!!!!

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  1. Fantastic! interested in how you store twine?